Mental health is gaining traction in the public space. More and more people are acknowledging their struggles with depression, anxiety, and more. But that doesn’t mean it has become easier to talk about it in the workplace.

There are times where talking about mental health with your employer is needed. But how do you approach a conversation like that? Here are a few tips.

Talk to Others First

If you have the ability to run your concerns by someone else, do so. Speak to a member of the HR team. Find out about procedures in place that prevent harassment or bullying. It is important to have confidence when speaking to your boss.

Talking to a work buddy can be helpful for understanding the work environment and what your struggles may be like. Talk to your work buddy about potentially speaking to your boss. It can make the task less daunting.

Know What You Need

It is important to know what you need out of the conversation. Why are you bringing the issue to your boss in the first place? Maybe it means longer deadlines or fewer responsibilities. Which means checking out your HR policies first.

Have a clear idea of what it is you need before you ever have the conversation. It will show them that the issue is seriously worth considering and that the impacts of the current environment are profound enough to warrant a discussion.

Don’t Hesitate

It can be scary to talk to a supervisor about mental health. But when you find the right time and place, go for it. Hesitating can drag the issue out for far longer, making it feel like a bigger and bigger deal with each passing moment.

It depends on what kind of relationship you have with your boss. It may be easier to make your request via email, for instance. If you feel comfortable enough, you may be able to knock on their door and walk right in. It depends on your relationship with them.