Justin Kaufman

Professional Overview

About Justin Kaufman

Justin Kaufman is a proud El Paso native. He is known for his dedication to health & fitness and his successful entrepreneurial endeavors. Justin knows first-hand how far persistence and hard work can take someone. He aspires to motivate underdogs like himself and show what tenacity and grit can do. Justin’s parents, both professionals, instilled a strong work ethic in him at a young age. Justin moved to Lubbock, TX after high school to pursue a criminal justice degree at Texas Tech University’s Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Firefighting program. While at school, Justin followed his other passion, athletics. Always a sportsman, he began as a gymnast and competed in college before discovering his different fitness abilities after graduation.

In his youth, Justin Kaufman ran errands for various businesses throughout town, and he aspired to be a business owner. After college, instead of following the criminal justice path, Justin chose to reevaluate his life goals and strengths and pursue what he loved. The next logical step was combining fitness with business ownership, and Justin wholeheartedly embraced that challenge.  

Justin initially approached the El Paso gym business as an investor in 2012. Six years later, Justin has two thriving locations for his own gym, Ratio One.61. The name stems from the Golden Ratio, also known as the Divine Proportion,  the Adonis Ratio, or The Most Beautiful Number in the Universe. Synonymous with everything that represents symmetry and beauty, the Fibonacci curve and the number Phi (Φ) can be found everywhere, from nature to the human body to architecture and advertising. The Golden Ratio has been used by some of the greatest artists throughout history, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo. 

Accordingly, Justin Kaufman strives to provide his clientele with the maximum opportunity and tools needed to meet each person’s individual fitness goals. Justin’s fitness centers are revolutionary and always have the latest and greatest equipment. The goal of Ratio One.61 is to dominate the competition and establish new benchmarks by providing top-quality equipment at reasonable prices. Justin’s other passion is sports hydration and recovery. 

While exploring the health and fitness industry as a gym owner, Justin realized he could create a superior all-in-one beverage that genuinely focused on the restoration aspect of training. He discovered that protein is a costly ingredient, which was why it was lacking in competitor drinks. Nobody else in the nation has Justin Kaufman’s patented combination of protein, creatine, and carbonation. Ratio Recovery drinks contain Creatine, BCAAs, Electrolytes, Glucosamine, and 10g of protein to aid muscle recovery after a workout. Their slogan is: “Drink Ratio. Find your 1.61.” The product lines are aimed at consumers looking for functionality and superior hydration, with a particular emphasis on muscle repair, vitamin and mineral fortification, and rehydration. 

Learn more about Justin’s entrepreneurial career by visiting justinkaufmanelpaso.net.